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I have been involved in construction and restoration for over 20 years and started this business in a lovely Victorian house that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Thatís the house on the home page! I do not sell anything that is not of a quality that I would installed in that lovely piece of history. I love researching my old hardware and am continually amazed by the workmanship and ingenuity exhibited by our ancestors. Iím a member of the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America and frequently swap information with other members. What a great group and thereís always something ďnewĒ being found!

I sell antique and vintage hardware almost exclusively on the internet. My customers include the Adirondack Architectural Heritage Group, movie set decorators (Edge of Darkness, It's Complicated, Grown Ups, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, The Judge, "42", Gone Girl and Superman vs Batman - Dawn of Justice) and, of course, the unsung heroes who are restoring old homes throughout the country. These people have a special place in my heart for caring enough to restore and preserve our history. The photos I have received are absolutely stunning! Keep up the good work!

Since I do not have a physical commercial store or shop my overhead is low and the savings are passed on to you, my customers.


Please remember that the items sold on this site are not new. They will all shown signs of age and use which makes them all the more charming. If anyone reading this is between 65-170 years old, you know what I mean.

However, you wonít get your hands dirty! Iíve taken care of that already. Most hardware on these pages is gently restored to the extent that it is in excellent condition. Iíve carefully retained the original patina on the majority but have also included a few pieces that have been fully restored and/or polished. I state in each description what has been done.

Special Requests

Are you trying to match existing hardware or donít see something you need? Send me a description (a photo is best) and Iíll see if I can find it for you. The items shown here are only a small portion of my inventory.

How I restore my antique locks

Mortise Locks:
In addition to removing paint frequently found on the faceplate I take each lock apart and clean/oil each piece individually. They are then wiped down and replaced. Since I do not bead blast my antique locks it is a very time consuming process to remove any rust on the interior parts. Excess oil is not left in the locks since it attracts dust which can cause problems later. In general, even with fully restored locks, the lock casing is not repainted. Since it doesnít show, it is not necessary.

Rim Lock Sets:
Lock body casing, keeper, rosette, keyhole escutcheon and doorknob shafts are solvent cleaned to remove paint and rust, primed and individually painted with high quality black automotive lacquer. Interior parts are gently cleaned of any rust with a vinegar bath so that the original patina is retained on exposed parts. They are then given a light coat of oil to prohibit flash rusting and each is wiped clean. The lock is then reassembled.

NOTE: If you are going to try this yourself I strongly suggest that you take a good photo of the lock interior before you remove any pieces. It will come in handy when you reassemble the lock. I've done hundreds of locks and still do this myself.

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